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Q. Office wants to know about 365?

A.  You can redirect the office to the following page: or provide the following script:


We have recently started rolling out office 365 under the domain. I have listed the plans we have available below:

* Prices include GST

I have briefly listed the process go through below:

What we do:

  1. Create new email accounts on Office 365.
  2. Provide documentation for how to access Office 365 web mail and set-up your new email account on your desktop and mobile device.
  3. Forward your email accounts to (Only apply the forward(s) when the office is ready to migrate to the new accounts, confirmed by a Tech or Licensee)
  4. Test email flow for new email accounts on Office 365.

Technical service provider will need to:

  1. Migrate your existing email data to Office 365 including emails, calendars, contacts and signatures.
  2. Assist with setting up the desktop and mobile devices.

You will need to:

  1. Advise how many and which email accounts you would like changed over
  2. Pay the invoice for the annual subscription for each email account via the Azure (Office 365) tile on the dashboard. NOTE: This feature may only be available against your Franchise Owner's Dashboard login.

If you are interested please do the following:
- Click the following link to download/fill in the following forms:

  • Fill in the form
  • Email with a list of email accounts you would like along with the Account Confirmation form attached.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.



Q. How do I set-up an account?

A. User account set-up guide:

A. Generic/Manual account set-up guide:


Q. How to update a Username/Email in portal?

A.  Please refer to the following guide:


Q. How to for a Adsync to update details in portal (display name/target/proxy/etc)?

A.  Please refer to the following guide:


Q. The user is unable to log into an account, what do I do?

A. Please refer to the trouble-shooting guide:

A. Reset password guide:


Q. How do I share a mailbox (Mailbox Delegation)?

A. Via Portal > Admin > Exchange Admin > Mailbox > Mailbox Delegation

More details guide:



Q. How do I set-up the account on an iOS/Android device?:

A. iOS device set-up guide:

A. Android device set-up guide:



Q. How do I set-up a "SHARED MAILBOX" on an iOS/Android device:

A. iOS device set-up guide:

A. Android device set-up guide:



Q. Convert user to shared mailbox (office wants to keep mailbox)

A. If the Office would like to convert an existing user mailbox to a shared mailbox, refer to the guide below:



Q. When do we close/disable accounts?

A. We only close/disable accounts when the office (BSO/Principal) or NPC requests to do so.

A. Closure guide:

A. Disable guide:



Q. What if an office asks to change an existing users account to another user i.e to

A. We found that with our Hybrid (DirSync) environment, it would not be possible (feasible) to transfer user accounts or set them up as shared mailboxes due to the use case where the user moves to a new office and requires a new 365 email account (user’s UPN is not recreated/modified). The office can migrate the data from the old account to the new account before requesting to close the old account.

More Information:



Q. What if an office does not have an office tech for the migration?

A. An office will always have an office tech, but in the rare instance they are in a rural location or have 100GB's+ of data we can go a step further to assist them. We have previously used the Azure copy method where offices would upload the .pst as specified with a single command line specifying the local location of the exported .pst file and the destination that we have provided. All we would require is the name of the .pst file and we are able to map the data to another mailbox.

A.  Azure Copy guide:



Q. Clutter?

A. The clutter option can be disabled via the OWA (Outlook Web App).




Q. How to set-up a 365 account in Outlook:

A.  Guide:



Q. How to provision/send accounts to an office?

A.  Please refer to the following guide in regards to sending an office their email/passwords :



Q. How to view an offices current/active 365 accounts?

A.  Please refer to the following guide:



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