Adding Commercial/Rural/Industrial Properties for Sale link


The current View Properties for Sale link, under the Buying menu option, will only display Residential listings. If you would like to show other property types, you will need to create separate links for each property type. 

To do this, please follow the step below:


1. Right-click Buying and select New... > ..LJH (Shared Navigation)


2. Enter a Name (i.e. View Commercial Properties for Sale)

3. Enter Link URL, as per screenshot and link options below, you can enter which ever property type would like to create.

Commercial/search/commercial-property-for-sale/ OR /search/commercial-property-for-lease/

Industrial: /search/industrial-property-for-sale/ OR /search/industrial-property-for-lease/

Rural: /search/rural-property-for-sale/


If you would like a link for Holidays under Renting, enter the Link URL below:




4. Click Save to publish changes.


For more information and training videos on the new website, please click here.

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