ACTIVEPIPE - Bulk Push of Contacts

When you receive an email from Activepipe about submitting a bulk push of contact data for a particular office - 


Follow the Link - (This is a the Move maintenance tools page). Drop down the action box & select CRM-Office-Flush-All-Contacts -



Once this has been selected, drop down the 'Office' box & select the office. (NOTE - Offices only appear if they are on Move, Activepipe will have to contact either REX, MYDESKTOP etc if they are using a different CRM)

After selecting all relevant information Click Submit. This will take up to 24 hours to process correctly through to Activepipe.



Occasionally Activepipe request for the file name due to not receiving the data. NOTE: All contacts go through individually with different file names. In this case send through a screen shot of the data that has been sent through to them with files highlighted -








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