WEBSITE: How to view property statistics

As an LJH Office you can now view statistics against how your property is performing on 

What Stats are viewable?

  • Page views in last 15 days
  • Page views since listed
  • Device Used (Mobile, Desktop etc)
  • Referred traffic source (Facebook, Google etc)
  • Some graphical output of the above

How to View the Stats?

1. Go to

2. Click the Website Admin tile:

3. Log in to Kentico CMS

4. Once done, go to the office website in another tab on the browser ( and view the listing > Scroll to the bottom of the listing page:


You will see the below:


Also there is reporting on Referrers (from where did the traffic come from) + What Device was used:

NB. You will be able to click the print report button in the top right, to generate a PDF if required.

What if this does not show?:

Close the below pop-up on your browser window:

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    Derryl-Ann Jones

    This is great because the referrers section on the bottom of the report shows if it was from active pipe or facebook(adfenix) certainly great for management to justify the costs etc and the vendors to show what they pay for achieves the target. If I am wrong here please correct me I dont want to sound like a dill. :-)

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