Website - Creating a Blog

This is a way to create and add blogs to your website. If you are wanting to add Blogs on the navigation panel please click on the link below.

1. Creating a Blog

What you will need to do is login to the back end of the website and highlight your office web page to add a new page and once you have done this select LJH (Shared) Blog Section Page.


2. Once you have created the page, you will need to click add. You have two options which is BLOG or BLOG POST, the difference between the two is BLOG allows you to create a subject header that you may want to add more articles too. BLOG POST is one that allows you to create a one off blog.


3. If you have clicked on Blog - You can add another page which is blog month which you can fix by monthly basis.


4. You should now be fine to update your blog once you click on blog post as per below.


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