OFFICE 365: Converting User Mailbox to Shared


1. Log into > Admin


2. Select Admin Centres > Exchange 


3. Under the heading Recipients select Mailboxes


4. Look up the users email address > Highlight Account

5. On the right hand side 'Convert to Shared Mailboxes' > Click on 'Convert'

6. After this has finished loading you will only be able to find the email address under the shared type.



1. Back to the Admin Page > Users > Active > Search for the email address


2. Search for email address & Click into the account > Remove Licence > Save


1. Log into AD > Search for the user 


2. Click on user to change the name & once changed a box will appear to change the Logon name which you will have to update ie John.Smith change to John.Smith1 


NOTE - If the user is employed by another office the user will then have to be entered into AD manually under the original name & add employer ID 














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