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HomePass FAQ's


PLEASE NOTE: You must be on the latest build of E2 to enable all features mentioned in this post. (Current Build - 710 as of Sept 14, 2015).


Q: Why is my listing and listing updates, not appearing on the HomePass app (i.e. open home times, updated listing information)?

A: Listings which appear on HomePass, are listings which have been transmitted to If the listing is not appearing on the HomePass app, confirm it has been transmitted to by simply searching the listing on your office homepage. If it's not on, please transmit listing from e2 or 3rd Party CRM. 

NOTE: Listing details on are are fed through to HomePass every hour. Updates may take over an hour to show on the HomePass app.


Q: When I insert a HomePass Inspection Note, where do they appear in E2? 

A: If Visible on vendor report is ticked in the HomePass app, it will go against the listing as an enquiry (including checkin inspection), under Listing Update > Tools > Enquiries (as shown below).

image11.png        Homepass_INotes.png


If this Visible on vendor report is not ticked in the HomePass app, it will add a diary record (completed task) against the contact record (as shown below)


image1.png       Homepass_checkin.png


Q: How can I force a Homepass sync in E2? 

A: This function is available under Tools > Update Homepass. This function can be used to force a request for data from HomePass.



1.  If you are entering additional comments in HomePass, to an existing inspection note, this will update the enquiry against the listing in E2.

2. Contacts entered in HomePass are created as 'new' in E2. However, the HomePass sync will check if the exact first name, surname, mobile number and email exists against a contact in E2 before adding the contact as a new record.

3. Contacts entered in HomePass are automatically added to the Homepass distribution list.

4. If a HomePass contact detail is updated in E2, no further changes will be overwritten if the Homepass sync is processed (i.e. E2 becomes the only data entry point). However, this will not update the contact record on the HomePass app. Changes will need to be made manually on HomePass.

5. Listings which appear on HomePass, are listings which have been transmitted to These are fed through to HomePass every hour. 


Q: If I update the inspection enquiry in E2, will this be overwritten if I run the Homepass sync or if I update the notes on the HomePass App?

A: This will depend if the an update has been made to the inspection note in E2. No, if the inspection note has been updated manually in e2. However, if the inspection notes in E2 have NOT be updated but the note has been updated on the HomePass App, then this will override the notes in E2. [Updated 01/08/16 - Fixed in 715/716 Plugin]


Q: Who can I speak to if I need to escalate an issue to HomePass?

A: If it's in regards to the HomePass app, you can the HomePass Support team at


System Support, if it's in regards to the HomePass sync to E2 at


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