NEXTGEN: Creating digital prelist presentations on the Dashboard


Creating Digital Prelist Presentations on the Dashboard

NOTE: In order for an appraisal to be appear in Dashboard, a few requirements need to be met below in E2 or third party CRM:

  • Appraisal Market Value
  • Owner attached
  • Salesperson / Property Manager attached
  • Salesperson ID inserted

You can create your digital prelist presentations by logging onto the dashboard site -

Once logged in click on the Prelist Presentation link in purple (circled)




  • SP & PM’s will only see their own appraisals not the entire office’s.
  • Admin and Principals should be able to see appraisals for the whole office (as below)




1. Select Current Appraisals > click on View and then Click on Create Prelist

Or for an Existing Prelist Click on View Prelist

(You can also switch between Current Appraisals and Existing Prelist from the tabs above no need to go back a step if you are in the wrong place, as shown below)

 2. Fill in all Info, anything in Red are mandatory and need to be filled in (circled) then click on ‘Next’

3. Follow the process from steps 1 to 7 (note that in step 6 you will need to hit ‘Publish’


4. Then in Step 7 fill in the details and hit ‘Send’ 


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