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Logging into Franchise Returns on the dashboard

- By default, the principal of your office has access to Franchise Returns, however the principal can elect to grant other people access by logging into the new Franchise Returns system.



Creating a New Return

- When creating a new returns, if the owner has more than one office he may create new returns for the office he selects in the drop down.



Giving Others Access

- When clicking on the wrench icon, it will lead you to the employees, you can give access to. By ticking the user and hitting save, they will now be able to see the franchise return tile on their dashboard.


Contracts on the Return.

- By ticking the contracts that are not currently on the return, will move them under the return youre doing, vice versa when you untick them.

- When contracts are not appearing on the return, usually means that the major parts of the contract have not been inserted on the CRM. Meaning they dont have either,

- Salesperson with an ID

- A price

- Settlement Date

- The new Franchise Returns system works much the same as E2's franchise returns screen, with the same layout and options. You will simply need to ensure that all your sales for the previous month have been settled or unconditional inside your CRM software, e.g. Agentbox, Box+Dice, LockedOn or Rex. If you need to go back to your CRM to settle all your sales, please allow up to two hours for this information to synchronise to the new Franchise Returns system.

FR Compton 1.jpg


Finalise / Sending the Franchise Return

- When Finalising the Return, please make sure that all details are put in and are correct. If you need to change revert back the franchise return you would need to contact support, please be advised it would only be for the current month and nothing prior.


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