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For an overview of realsatisfied see this link:  


What is it used for?  

Understanding customer’s views on dealing with the office & how they found the transaction process.  


What are my logins?   

Real Satisfied is on the Dashboard and no logins are needed for access – simply click the tile.




How do I set up my profile?  

LJ Hooker have already configured the profile of each agent.  Agents can make changes to their profile page by clicking ‘profile details’ but you need to select ‘lock my profile’ so that it won’t be overwritten by the automatic sync.  




When an agent leaves does the office need to delete the profile?  

No. After the agent is marked as inactive in ops they will be automatically removed from realsatisfied. This automation takes place at 7am daily.  


How long does it take for profile changes to become visible to the public? 

Changes are instant  


Who will get sent a survey and when?   

Surveys get sent automatically to both vendors and buyers at the close of settlement for sales. For property management they need to be sent manually. See below link for instructions on how to do this:  


Error messages Buyer Survey was not sent because of missing Buyer email.  

An email invitation will 'bounce' when the email address that you have sent the invitation to has been entered incorrectly or if the email address is invalid. If this happens a notification will be sent to the franchise owner once a week for a period of two weeks. It will then stop.   You need to rectify the issue with the email for it to send successfully.


Can I see a copy of the survey so that I know what is being sent out?  

If you want a copy of the survey please go to  

Here there is a big green link ‘Go ahead, send yourself a survey’.  


Can the email be customised? Can we send it out as an office instead of by agent?  

Realsatisfied do not allow this. The survey questions themselves are very much around rating the performance of the agent with a small office component to it.  Realsatisfied also don’t allow for customisation of the emails that are sent out. An email can be sent to clients informing them that a survey is coming and getting their ‘messaging’ out to the client that way.  


How can I see completed surveys?  

Email notifications advise agents when surveys have been completed and need to be viewed in realsatisfied. These can be found under survey invitation and responses. A filter is available so you can view surveys with specific status e.g completed surveys only.  



Can anyone else see my survey results?

Depends on your email notification settings. The Principal or other admin user sets these controls in Admin>notification options. If the Principal does not want to receive correspondence you need to change their notification option to none none none etc. DO NOT take the email account out of their profile! This will cause all their surveys to fail as 4 emails need to be there for success.  




Can I share surveys?  

Surveys cannot be shared and are only accessible to the agent.   


Can I share testimonials?  

Testimonials can be published on the agent’s realsatisfied profile page, Facebook (personal or business) or Twitter when approved or as an image that is supplied via email when the testimonial is submitted.  


Can I hide testimonials?  

All testimonials are positive. A testimonial is only requested when the feedback indicates they were happy with the service provided and that they would recommend you to friends or family. Even though testimonials are all positive, the agent is still required to publish a submitted testimonial in order to make it public.

Can I hide testimonials from syncing to our office website?


You can make the testimonial private by repeating the approval process. When the testimonial is private it will stop showing up in the feed to your website. The instructions for repeating the approval process are: Repeating the Approval Process - (updated: 2/03/16)

Can I hide Ratings?  

Ratings can be turned on /off from in an ‘All-in’ / ‘All-out’ system. Showing certain ratings by cherry picking or turning off a specific customers rating to obtain a better overall rating is not possible. Ratings display options can be accessed by clicking ‘Manage Profile Page’ then clicking  ‘Profile Page Settings’.  



Can I add my realsatisfied data onto an external website?  

There are a range of customisable feeds & widgets that can also be used to publish information from the agents profile page to an external website. On the LJ Hooker website your rating and testimonials (and associated settings) will flow through from realsatisfied.   

How can I send invites on behalf of other agents?

You will need to have the option 'Create Invitations (Limited)' unticked, as shown below. If this is ticked, you will only have access to send invitations under your name. (updated: 04/07/16)


Who has administration access? 

Staff members with the job description of Principal in ops will automatically be given administration access.  They can make other staff members admins or control what content they have by going to admin>team members> clicking on the persons image > setting the team member access privileges.

A user can be only be an Admin for the whole office and not specific staff. If you would like them to be an admin for a specific member of staff or administrator for two or more offices let the dev team know. Administrator only tick box is for the BSO who does not need testimonials. Administer account makes you the same as Principal.  




What is the escalation contact?

This is the point of contract for customers leaving negative reviews. They will be asked if they want to raise the issue with management. If they select yes the escalation point receives an email as a chance to rectify any issues. The Principal is automatically set as the escalation point however this can be changed. There can be several but there always must be one. You cannot untag the escalation point until another is tagged.


What are reports?

  Each team member has a report based on their correlated survey results to help identify strong and weak areas.



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