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Text Formatting Issues

* This Article is mainly how to use Textcleanr and Text Compare

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* Please also note this is NOT a MOVE / Promote issue, It is simply a web formatting issue and affects all other CRM's such as Agentbox or REX etc.

The problem arises when copying and pasting formatted text from one application to another. It doesn’t always work as you’d expect. For instance, you might copy a few lines from a web page and then want to paste it to Facebook or MOVE  Surprise! All sorts of “unwanted characters” may appear. The same might happen if you are copying text from a word processing document or from a PDF file and you wish to paste it into an email message.

The unwanted characters typically are formatting commands built into the originating program. The problem is that not all programs use the same formatting commands. For example, what might be a command to “use bold text” in one program could insert curly braces {} into the receiving program.

So please do NOT mistake this is an LJ Hooker issue.

More can be read on the link below as a reference explaining this:


Some issues that text formatting can affect below:

- Listings not updating on website(s) for example: photos, advert text, open homes, to show as sold etc.

- New Listings not feeding through to website(s)

- Errors being received


How can you tell if you are having this Text formatting issues?

- You may be getting Parser errors on your feedback service, examples of these errors are shown on the link below:


- You can usually check on LJ Hooker or Domain Website, check the advert and you may see some weird characters showing (these sites generally allow any texts entered but not REA) 


To ensure these issues do not occur an office can either do the following:

1. Manually type the advert text

2. Use Textcleanr and Text Compare to fix the formatting and see where the issue was on the text.


How to Use TextCleanr
1. Copy and paste the promotion text into TextCleaner
2. Open up in a web browser and go to



Copy and paste the promotion text from your advert field into the large box next to 'Paste Text to clean in the box below:'

Select the following options:

Email Indents: Remove
Text Case: Do Nothing
HTML: Remove
Line Breaks: Remove All
Spaces: Remove Extra Spaces (and Tabs)
MS Word Specific Chars: Replace Them
URLs: Remove Them (optional) in some cases it does remove the URL itself and you may want to intentionally show this.

Click on 'Clean Text'

*NOTE please make sure you use the settings above, do not simply click on 'Clean Text' without changing it from Default settings otherwise it will not do anything.

Paste the fixed Advert back into your CRM.

If you want to know where the particular issue was you can use Text Compare by following the instructions below:

1. Go to the Text Compare site Text Compare or enter this into your browser:

2. Copy and Paste the Original Text / Advert into the left hand side

2. Once you have the 'repaired' Text completed from using TextCleanr paste it into the right hand side

4. Click on the Compare button > it will highlight the exact location of the formatting issue as per example below:



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    Marcus Iglesia

    There has been some reports also that some text entries sometimes will not fix the formatting such as below:

    We will need to test these out as we go, and if a work around can be made in these instances:

    1. ½
    2. don’t
    3. façade


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    Marcus Iglesia

    Please also note that we can only suggest using some text formatting sites to assist but are not LJH products so if reported that is is not working as best as it should then please manually type it or use the Text compare so you can see exactly where the issue is and avoid having to fully type a very long advert text.


    Suggested tools:





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    Marcus Iglesia


    A quick easy way for an office to see the errors is by checking their listing on the Domain website and check the advert and they should see wird invalid characters appear.

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