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Naming convention:


We’re planning to rollout Office 365 for your business


For each email account, our Technology team will:

– Create new email accounts on Office 365.

– Provide documentation for how to access Office 365 web mail and setup your new email account on your desktop and mobile device.

– Forward your email accounts to

– Test email flow for new email accounts on Office 365.


Your technical service provider will need to:

– Migrate your existing email data to Office 365 including emails, calendars, contacts and signatures.

– Assist you in setting up your desktop and mobile device.


You will need to:

– Pay the invoice for the annual subscription for each email account.

– Advise Technology of any changes to the email accounts. For any additional assistance, please contact Technology on 1800 813 061.


Plans available:

We have a agreement with Microsoft that allows us to offer the plans at a discounted rate (AUD): 

This is a fixed price we have locked in for the next 3 years.

Exchange online plan 1 – $3.15:

Office 365 Enterprise 1 – $7.35:

Office 365 Enterprise 3 – $23.25:


Example of costs saved:

The billing cycle is annual as we are invoiced yearly by Microsoft, we are just on billing the costs directly to the office.

The cost of 365 monthly subscriptions have increased/increasing e.g. ,


The office would save a significant amount with our plans as our prices will remain the same for 3 years:

Our fixed E3 annual bill for 30 accounts: $279 x 30 = $8,370

E3 Monthly subscription (affected by inflation) annual bill via Microsoft, Telstra, etc, for 30 accounts:  $355.08+ x 30 = $10,652.40+ (will increase over time)



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