OFFICE 365: Troubleshooting guide

If a user is having trouble logging onto their 365 account please try the following steps below: 

1. Test the account on your end via with their HUB password (ensure the correct username is being used).

- You can check the username by logging into portal with your admin account and searching for the email address i.e:



2. If the details do not work, reset the password against the user in Active Directory back to a new password.

- Make sure that the password never expires option is enabled:




3. If you receive an error advising the account is locked/blocked, log into your admin account and unblock the account. Also check to see if the user is disabled in AD, if so re-enable the user: 

- Make sure that the sign in status is set to "Sign-in allowed". If not click on Edit and enable this option:




4. Try logging into again in 15 minutes (sync)

5. If you are still unable to log in, please ensure that the account has been set-up correctly (Proxy/target addresses, License applied, etc) 

Office 365 Account Set-up Guide:


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