OFFICE 365 - Re-assigning mailbox questions

                 OFFICE 365 - Re-assigning Mailboxes


We found that with our Hybrid (DirSync) environment, it would not be possible (feasible) to transfer user accounts or set them up as shared mailboxes due to the use case where the user moves to a new office and requires a new 365 email account (user’s UPN is not recreated/modified). The office can migrate the data from the old account to the new account before requesting to close the old account.


In roles that have a high turnover rate, I would recommend setting up a generic account i.e, this way we can change the display name on the account to whoever is in the role at the time and you will be able to retain the data/account if a new user takes over the role.



We could update the Primary address on the generic account i.e New staff member Paul Jones: can have the Primary address

With the set-up above, the send/receive address will be and if Paul leaves then we can update the primary to the new staff members name but the mailbox will remain the same (no need to set-up or log into a new account). With this method the only sections that would have to be updated would be the Primary address and Display name/contact details.



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