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Please advise the office that they can not use 365 accounts for bulk emails. Microsoft will most likely flag the account and disable/close it if it is used to send bulk emails.

- If a new user requires the ability to send bulk emails and does not have an existing SurgeMail account then we will need to set up a Suregemail account for them.




Note: Template for the office is attached to this guide.

Naming convention:




The naming convention can be the same as their account if they already have an existing account.


Manual Account Set-Up:


1. Log onto office 365 Portal via


2. Go to Admin > Users > Active Users > click on the + symbol.


3. Enter the generic email account details as displayed below: NOTE: Un-tick the Make user change password option! (Make a note of the password for step 7)





NOTE: Ensure the Office name is entered against the Contact information, as shown below:



4. Set-up a forward from the old email address to the new one in Surgemail. Only apply the forward when the office is ready to migrate to the new accounts. Example: forward to


The below steps are now longer required



5. Open Active Directory > Franchise > Find the "LJ Hooker Test" user in the list > Right click on the user > Copy



6. Fill in the details (corresponds with what was entered into Portal)


7. Enter the password that was noted in step 3. (Make sure Password never expires is enabled)



8. Enter the new email address in the "Email" field and office name in the "office" (example LJ Hooker Figtree) field, under the general and click on Apply:


9. Click on the "Attribute Editor"




10. Edit the following attributes:

- Employee ID: 946 (if it is generic or the employee ID if it is a user)


- Target Address:


- Proxy Address: (Note: SMTP is case sensitive)




When setting up an alias, the uppercase SMTP will be the Alias. For example if wants the Alias


- Target Address:


- Proxy Address:


11. Let ADSync run (set to every 3 hours).


12.  Add email account to g_block_skip in Surgemail:




13. Add newly created accounts to Fortimail policy (






Running the Set-Up via Outlook will only require the user to enter their new email account and password.



Migrating Mailboxes:


Setting up 365 Accounts on iOS/Android devices:

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