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Your Office Feature video is appearing on the homepage with a Small Thumbnail

This is normally a symptom of the video content being uploaded to YouTube in Standard definition (Lower than 720p).

Our new website will utilise the larger thumbnail for the Youtube video To avoid pixellation. So if this does not exist, a default smaller thumbnail will be used.

How do i check if the YouTube video has the larger thumbnail?

Input the YouTube URL here - 

This will reveal all the thumnails against this URL, including the one that we use for our website which is 1280 x 720.




You will need to ensure their YouTube Video will need to be in 720 or 1080 (HD) resolution, as this will include the larger thumbnail 1280 x 720.

How do we check Definition of a YouTube Video?

Open the video on YouTube, Click the Cog icon to reveal quality of Video:


For more information and training videos on the new website, please click here.

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